Backpack advertising in Banking. Is it worth it? Powerful case on Murmur- Rabita Bank collaboration

Banks are responsible for handling some of their customer’s most private data and information, so it’s crucial to establish your brand as supportive, reliable, and trustworthy. This week we shall analyze place-based advertising in banking system based on Murmur- Rabita Bank partnership case study.

In 2019, 30% of banks spent at least 20% of their annual revenue on digital marketing—due to the statistics that show customers spend more time online. Other than that, place-based advertising, in our case backpack and car top advertising, has its own strong sides.

Reaching customers in a brand-safe environment

When businesses  purchase an ad online, there’s a risk that their content will be placed next to an inappropriate banner or on a vulgar website that could negatively impact the brand’s reputation. Murmur LCD ad backpacks and car tops are placed in carefully chosen locations. When potential customers walking by these places, they are more receptive to advertisements and will associate your brand’s messaging with the place’s familiarity. So,it is especially meaningful when you consider audience in those locations is made up of many household decision-makers. To help our partners analyze the demographics of the locations, we have Street IQ Platform that will carefully analyze data based on the given categories.

It’s All About Messaging

Depending on which community partners want to reach, they have to be strategic about the specific products or services to advertise. By using Murmur Backpack and Car Top Ads, you can select as many locations as you want throughout a city to ensure that you’re giving the right message to the right people. By creating targeted campaigns across various locations, you will see instant results on how both your existing and potential customers perceive your brand.

Receive weekly AI-verified impressions

One of the drawbacks of traditional billboard advertisement is the difficulty of verifying the exact number of impressions or levels of engagement. The same with online advertisements with the rise of ad blockers, and not knowing whether the person was paying attention to your ad on the page. Murmur Inc uses computer vision technology to verify each impression, view, and engagement for your campaign. Our customers can measure and track their ads in real-time, making it easy to optimize the campaign’s performance and better understand its audience demographics.

An opportunity to stand out in finance industry

Proper planning and visuals, your bank will differentiate your bank from other finance companies in the regions. Moreover,our flexible ad creating platform also gives banks’ ads a chance to stand out among other outdoor ads. So,you’re able to create, test control and adjust your campaign content whenever you want to.

Murmur- Rabita Bank collaboration

Rabita Bank advertises its new cards KartMane for cashback and bonuses. In order to fully use Murmur Backpack Ad option, they decide to use 3 Murmur LCD backpacks and 3 Car Tops. Additionaly the backpack walkers’ schedule is from 9am till 6pm. The locations for backpack walkers are 28 May, Sahil metro, Nizami Street, the areas with one of the biggest numbers of pedestrians. When it comes to our partner,Rabita Bank uses 2 types of ads, so it means that they are also trying our A/B Testing. This system will help them to analyze which one of these ads able to attract more views and impressions.

Collaboration In Numbers

The date of the ad campaign (5/12/2022)

The number of operating system users: Android (65 users) – İOS(35 users)

The number of people’s impressions: 1173

The number of people’s views: 678

The date of the ad campaign (5/13/2022)

The number of operating system users: Android (76 users) – İOS(24 users)

Number of people’s impressions: 73487

Number of people’s views: 29394

The date of the ad campaign (5/14/2022)

Number of operating system users: Android (73 users) – İOS(27 users)

Number of people’s impressions: 78457

Number of people’s views: 23537

The date of the ad campaign (5/15/2022)

The number of operating system users: Android (82 users) – İOS(18 users)

The number of people’s impressions: 22478

The number of people’s views: 6743

To conclude, we can see that our partner (Rabita Bank) by using Murmur backpacks and cartops during 4 days reached:

the total number of 175595 impressions ,


296 Android , 104 İOS users.

So,it is time to start advertise your bank with Murmur

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