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How much does Billboard Advertising Costs in Chicago?

Billboards have been an effective way to market small businesses for decades. Although they have stood the test of time, they have also changed. “Smart” billboards are increasingly popular and provide a digital, physical platform for reaching potential clients and customers.

What is Billboard Advertising or OOH in Chicago?

Out-of-home marketing is also known as OOH. This approach uses billboards and cartops to create mass impressions in densely populated locations outside. This is a way to reach customers who may not have internet access, frequently commute to work, or have learned to tune out other forms of marketing. Billboards are one of the most popular methods for using outdoor marketing.

Billboard advertising involves using large-scale imagery to market a company. While many people remember billboards as large poster signs advertising local businesses, billboards have quickly advanced in technology. By evoking emotion through a static or digitally moving image, just a few impressions can make an impact.

Companies that are located near or within a big metropolitan area have a clear advantage. High traffic areas allow billboards to reach commuters from multiple locations. Both drivers and pedestrians are common in neighborhoods close to a city as well as on the highway. All residents who live or work around a specific area are able to see a large advertisement on a routine basis.

Billboards can be effectively used in several geographical areas where there is a dense population nearby.

What is Digital Out-of-Home or DOOH in Chicago?

DOOH is also known as digital out-of-home marketing. This includes electronics as part of the display. Digital billboards can be found in major cities across the United States. By using a digital out-of-home marketing strategy, digital billboards display electronic images. Several static images that rotate on a timer are one of the most popular options for a digital billboard.

Rotating images allow a business to convey more information than a classic billboard. By using hundreds of LEDs, an image can be seen from afar. Complex businesses or companies with multiple locations frequently use this type of advertising to provide a clear message.

A digital billboard can be updated without difficulty. Many cell phones now allow advertisers to access the billboard computer from anywhere

How Much Do Billboards Cost in Chicago?

Chicago is a popular city with opportunities for local residents as well as those from across the country. With so many commuters and a robust public transportation system, it is easy to move around the city. Billboards in Chicago are frequently used by both small and large companies throughout the area.

For companies that need to attract local clientele, a traditional or digital billboard is recommended. Depending on where the billboard is placed, the cost can change.

Areas with a high volume of traffic may cost more than billboards in less-populated spaces. Since prices can change due to location, there are ways to lower the overall marketing cost.

The average traditional billboard costs $2.4k, however some businesses pay as little as $175. To advertise in Downtown Chicago, a billboard costs approximately $60,000 per month. Because the median impressions are over 900,000,000, this is an effective way to stand out depending on a company’s budget.
The average price is $2.3k, but for cheap billboard advertising, some deals can be found as low as $960. Because multiple images can be projected, different rotations can be shown in several locations.

There are a few additional costs to consider when purchasing a billboard. Using a billboard is not always the same as renting a space for the billboard. Additional expenses can include billboard design, equipment and labor, and professional installation. For companies that already have an in-house designer, certain costs can be cut. Smaller businesses may need to hire an advertising team.

Cartop billboards in Chicago vary in price. The biggest player in this market is currently Murmur. By collecting data, this company can target specific audiences for vehicle marketing by using computer vision and sensor technology. Ads are shown to demographics that are specific to the company based on their gender, interests, age, and location.

Unlike other players who charge advertisers per impression, Murmur chargers per view.

The way digital billboards are priced depends on additional factors. Cost Per Mile (CPM) is the standard measurement for most price points. In a rural area, this number may be low due to a smaller population. The CPM is calculated by examining the population of the area, general traffic patterns, and the overall impressions that it is likely to generate.

Is A Heavily Populated Cities like Chicago Worth The Expense?

This depends on the company. Smaller businesses that live in Chicago, for instance, may want to rethink advertising in Downtown Chicago or the i94 highway. For suburbs, dense areas are crucial for the right amount of impressions.

Digital billboards work best in heavily populated areas. This is because a target audience can be identified to calculate specific geographic locations. The impressions created from this advertisement are more likely to be seen by those who are interested. Before purchasing a digital or traditional billboard, visiting the billboard site will help determine this choice.

The Advantages of Outside Billboards

Billboards can be seen by anyone. If online marketing is the only method used, a business will not be able to reach all potential customers and clients. Outside marketing captures the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. Without additional online distractions, billboards are more likely to stand out.

Digital billboards offer design flexibility that can be changed remotely. For time-sensitive offers or immediate information, this kind of billboard helps businesses plan. Retail stores benefit from this type of flexibility around the holidays. Furniture stores offering seasonal patio chairs or timely giveaways also benefit from advertising that can be easily altered.

Images are an immediate way to provide information. By combining the specificity of digital marketing with location-based marketing tactics, billboards and cartops are able to engage outside of a computer. Using a billboard to convey a company’s message will reach the community and beyond

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