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Why is billboard advertising in Chicago so effective via Murmur ?

One of the most effective ways of expanding a business or startup by creating more brand awareness is embracing an innovative and highly effective marketing campaign. Note that, for your business or startup to remain more competitive despite the stiff competition in Chicago, then you must be the smart guy when it comes to marketing.

However, it is critical to understand that an effective marketing campaign requires highly experienced and professional campaigners to foster positive results.

After operating for two years with over 20 big businesses like Costco, IKEA and 30 Seed Stage startups, at Murmur we concluded that mobile billboard advertising is the ultimate marketing campaign strategy, especially for the growing business. This is because effective mobile billboard advertising can create more brand awareness and drive huge sales, which is the ultimate fuel for your startup.

Although traditional advertising techniques are still useful, you need the most effective advertising strategies for your startup.

For this reason we innovated traditional marketing strategies and combined them with online advertising to drive more data and sales to your business.

Murmur is the world’s first smart advertising system that reaches mobile audiences on the streets of major cities. Using our smart car-top billboard technology, advanced AI and big data, we can collect data in real-time and retarget them dynamically via online ads.

Here are the various reasons why you should embrace digital billboards in Chicago.

Murmur mobile billboards are multipurpose.
Your marketing goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible, mainly because your target audience may change from time to time.

One advantage of advertising using mobile digital billboards is that they are not limited to a particular location in Chicago.

It is also an affordable marketing strategy since your startup doesn’t incur massive amounts when removing or replacing a specific advertisement from a mobile billboard.

Via Murmur platform you will target your audience based on location, demographics, interest, household income and etc.

Digital billboards are more influential.

This agrees with a recent study done by the Transportation Advertising Council of America (TACA). The study reviewed that over 85 % of people who saw a mobile billboard advertisement could remember what they saw on a ‘billboard near me’ compared to the 38% of people who saw a static billboard advertisement.

The research further revealed that startups that embraced digital advertising had almost a 100% increase in their sales. In comparison, those startups who embraced static billboard advertisement barely attained a 50% increase in their sales.

Besides, a 2019 study done by European Outdoor Advertising Association (EOAA) showered that consumers who came across a digital billboard could remember a brand name or a startup product 15 times better than those who read the same ad from a fixed billboard.

Most participants found mobile billboard advisement to be over 95 % more effective than other advertising platforms, especially when marketing startups.

Murmur Digital billboards

Billboard advertisements can give your brand a competitive advantage.

For the last two years, large brands and established businesses have embraced mobile billboard advertisement due to its high effective rate.

This means that your startup can leverage the benefits of this digital marketing strategy to boost your business sales and the brand’s awareness.
This particularly true when your brand and startup target the majority young population 25- 35 age bracket.

Reach the right audience target them and show relevant ads to audience.

Murmur digital billboards offer a target based marketing strategy, which means that you can advertise your products and services directly to your target audience, particularly where you expect a high concentration of your right target audience.

As your brand/ startup becomes more popular, you need to focus on a specific demographic and potential customers. Studies have shown that a car advertising campaign can result in an instant response from potential customers, which means an increase in your startup customer base.

Murmur smart digital car-top billboards help communicate your message more precisely.

This is because digital billboard advertisement is tailored to target a particular demographic or audience. For instance, the Murmur can help you strategize on distributing your marketing resources to every corner in Chicago, depending on your target audience.

How must do digital billboard advertisement cost in Chicago?

Are you aware that Murmur has one of the most flexible advertisement options? Yes, the amount you pay depends on the number of blips you want. Typically, a blip will last from 8 to 10 seconds. The overall cost depends on which time you want your blips played and most of your potential customers’ location.

Using Murmur digital billboard to advertise is not only comfortable but also affordable. Here are simple steps on how to advertise on Blips.

  • Select the most satisfactory billboards anywhere in Chicago. 
  • You can also pick a national board depending on your target marketing coverage.
  • Come up with your budget. Basic plan starts $99/month
  • Whether large or small, any budget is reasonable. All you need is to set a daily budget you will afford to pay once your ad is displayed.
  • Upload Your Ad artwork 
  • Upload your customized creative work, or hire our creative designers at $75 to develop more creative artwork.

Digital billboards help establish and maintain consumer confidence and loyalty.

The ultimate goal for any startup is to establish loyal customers through building trust and confidence with its new customers. Even the most established business chooses this type of advertisement because customers are more confident with this advertising platform, hence relating the content with the brand or a business.

For instance, a recent study by Sherpa marketing has shown that over 75 % of customers base their purchasing decisions depending on an ad from mobile billboards near me than from other advertising mediums.

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