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How to grow startup business by advertising on mobile billboards (Tips & Hacks)

If you are founder and want grow a startup, you need an extremely effective marketing campaign to spread the word about your brand and your business. In this article we will talk how how to run effective marketing campaigns and gain most of it.

After working with 30 Seed Stage and 20 Series A startups our study shows that that mobile billboard advertising and car advertising have become increasingly effective at driving sales for new startups. There’s no denying that traditional advertising methods remain effective.

But statistically mobile billboard advertising works better for promoting and growing startups. It can effectively target your competition. Here are some key advantages gained from using mobile billboard advertising to promote your brand.

A portable billboard is versatile.

When compared to some other traditional forms of advertising, mobile billboards don’t suffer from being static. As a startup, your message or your target audience may change and when you’re working with mobile billboards you don’t have to worry about paying hefty sums to replace or remove advertising.

When you are in the experimental stage trying to grow a startup, the inflexibility of certain advertising tools is a significant disadvantage. Keeping your risks to a minimum is vital in any early and effective marketing campaigns. Changing the content of a mobile billboard is easy, and the fact that you can present your advert anywhere you see fit makes it far more dynamic and allows it to adapt to any certain fluctuations in demand.

A mobile billboard will get noticed.

According to statistics released by the TACA ( Transportation Advertising Council of America) I think time to specialize in the study and promotion of outdoor advertising the effectiveness of mobile billboards is on the rise.
The research has showed that consumers remember mobile billboard advertising over 90% of the time and versus only 40% of the time when compared to static billboard advertising.

Important thing 80% of the people in the study could recall the actual advertisements themselves. The research also spoke to startup companies and showed that mobile billboard advertising has resulted in nearly 100% increase in sales when compared to only 50% increase from standard billboard advertising.

Another study conducted by the EOAA(European Outdoor Advertising Association) found the consumers are 15 times more likely to remember the product brand or name that they saw on a mobile billboard. These respondents show that they found this form of advertising to be 90% more effective than other types of outdoor advertising

You can’t just switch off, skip or block Mobile Billboard Advertising.

As consumers have become increasingly reluctant to waste time looking at advertising.
Mobile billboard advertising or car advertising is not as easily avoidable as other traditional forms of ads. While you can mute your television or switch channels during ads, you can simply turn the page of your newspaper on magazine to ignore advertising.

You can block internet advertising, which has risen by nearly 90% in the last few years. If they park a mobile billboard in your area or drives past you, it’s practically impossible to avoid reading the advert. With the increased popularity of LED mobile billboards, you can replace your traditional poster panels with something that will truly grab the attention of your audience.

People have become immune to advertising to the stage where an LED mobile billboard will be so unique that it will quickly grab and keep their attention.

A mobile billboard help can set you apart.

The larger businesses and brands in your area are adopting mobile billboard advertising strategies. if these companies are happy to leverage the benefits of this marketing strategy, this should clearly point to the competitive advantage associated with it.
If you are looking to grow startup and will take a strategic and aggressive approach, a creative, mobile billboard advertising campaign can offer you a significant competitive advantage over your rivals.
This is especially true when trying to target the extremely lucrative 25-35 year of age bracket.

A mobile billboard can help target The Right Audience.

Cars and mobile billboard advertising is a target orientated marketing and advertising medium. You can take this product directly to where your sought after audience works shops and lives.

As a startup trying to grow, you will never sleep target specific demographics, especially those most likely to purchase your product or service.
Paying for nationwide advertising campaigns are ones that are less targeted will simply be a waste of much needed funds in comparison. They show in research that an effective mobile billboard are car advertising campaign can elicit virtually instant responses from its viewers, which can easily translate into a boost for your startup.

A mobile billboard can help communicate Your Message Precisely.

A mobile billboard advertisement designed to target a specific audience or demographic does not always have to be the sole part of a mobile marketing campaign.
Working with the Murmur you can organize marketing materials to be distributed including postcards flyers and much more in direct proximity to your new mobile billboard advertising.

A mobile billboard builds trust and gains consumer confidence.

One of the most important steps for any startup is to gain the confidence and trust of new clients. That some of the world’s largest brand names use mobile billboard advertising for different campaigns only lens to their credibility.
Businesses choose this form of advertising as potential clients for your product or service view this advertising medium as both trustworthy and legitimate.

That you’ve gone to the trouble of constructing a mobile advertisement means that you’re serious about your business. Study conducted by Sherpa marketing shows that consumers are up to 70% more likely to make significant purchasing decisions off the back of seeing a mobile advertisement when compared to any form of online advertisement.

A mobile billboard can help build your social media base and convert users.

Consumers love scanning QR codes, by placing one on your mobile billboard it offers you the opportunity to pass along links to your social media platforms as well other valuable information to potential clients without having to worry about overloading the space.
You can now keep your billboard Advert concise and to the point.

By encouraging potential consumers to scan the QR code, you can use entirely exciting and new ways to encourage them to purchase your product or service. Research has shown that up to 30% of mobile users regularly scan QR codes and trust them.

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