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Highly Effective local advertising ideas for small businesses that work.

Typically, small businesses and startups may not have millions of dollars to spend on expensive advertising channels, which may not always offer unique advertising needs initially needed by a startup. Several free local advertising ideals that a startup struggling to acquire new customers and improve its sales can embrace. The good news is that local advertising ideals are scalable and affordable by your startup to build new customer links and maintain the existing ones.

This is the surest way to increase your business awareness and its sales.

What is local advertising?

Local advertising involves targeting audiences close to your business location using messages that reflect the local market.

For instance, a small business looking forward to using local influencers to attract prospective customers residing nearby can use mobile billboard advertising, a new advertising technology by Murmur.

This way, the business benefits by reaching a specific audience many times since the cars moving with the billboard will interact with many people along the way, unlike a fixed billboard.

Your business advertising should focus on demographics.

Your local advertisement should focus on making sales by targeting a particular age, gender, or education rather than the general population. This makes it easy to understand your target audience’s trends, how to reach most of your audience, what does your audience like most in your products and services, among others. For instance, Murmur’s survey about the average driver’s age in America established that Americans aged 25-49 are the most active American highways with an annual average of 13,055 miles. The survey further confirmed that most Americans travel more during the fall months with a yearly average of 31.6 miles per day and travel least during the winter season with an annual average of 26.7 miles daily. A recent study has shown that mobile billboard was more effective on persons who saw the advertisement for more than 7 times and less useful to those who say the ad just once.

Here are some of the few statistics reported.

  1. 74 % of Americans who consciously look at the digital billboard while driving in taxis will inquire more about an event, restaurant, new products, and services via the phone number on the billboard or through the internet.
  2. 88 % believed ad on the mobile digital billboard advertisement compared to the static billboard advertisement.
  3. 57 % discovered a new product or service they were interested in by viewing an ad while riding a taxi.
  4. 65 % mentioned a billboard they considered a great ad that convinced them to purchase the advertised product or service.
  5. 31% got the company’s phone number from the billboard, and 27% noted its website from a billboard ad.

The above information shows that a business looking forward to improving its brand awareness and drive high sales, then the company should invest more in mobile billboard advisement.

Is your brand willing to lead an effective cause marketing campaign?

This is achievable by incorporating the idea with local marketing activity, such as conducting market research on a specific social challenge relevant to your target audience.

For instance, through research, Murmur, a digital billboard advertising startup, found that about 85 % of people in America spend about 2-3 hours daily on highways with tons of traditional billboard advertising.

The survey showed that over 1000 people trust companies running billboard advertising, and 100% of people engaged said they could use services from the advertising companies.

However, traditional billboard advertising is quite expensive ($5k – $ 35k) per billboard, doesn’t include perfect analytics on the number of people who viewed the advert.
It takes less than 10 seconds for your potential customers to view the advert, among other challenges. To solve the difficulties caused by traditional billboard advertising, Murmur coined the use of mobile billboard advertising.

This data-driven platform, Murmur enables businesses to establish a route, take an analysis of the number of people who saw your advertisement, change your Ad dynamics based on your business location and demographics, gain data and retarget people through Facebook, Google Ads.

Here is how to gain massive traction using Murmur`s digital billboard advertising technology.

  1. Your marketing team will create the most relevant ads targeting your specific customer base. Then pick your route, mainly the one with the highest population density, the number of billboard displays, the time you want your campaigns to run, and from when and to when.
  2. The driver will obtain your advertisement campaign on their mobile app and accept or decline the offer based on your advertisement terms.
  3. Your campaign content will be automatically displayed on the display board once the driver accepts your campaign.
  4. The advertiser will start receiving notifications on every Ad’s progress.
  5. You will then create a landing page using vanity URLs before placing them on the Murmur tracking pixel.
  6. Once your campaign is over, you can then run reports and apply the collected info to the various segments

Personalize your free local business advertising campaign.

One of the main aspects of an effective local marketing campaign is how well you personalize your campaigning content. Undoubtedly, the more your business uses personalized content, the more it remains ahead of the competition curve and high customer retention hence more sales.

For instance, creating a custom profile that promotes more buying through sales discounts can drastically escalate your sales quickly. Remember a personalizing your advertising content makes your customer feel special and like being associated with that particular brand.

According to a study by Boomtrain, over 88 % of customers were influenced to make purchases by the impression created by a personalized advertisement.

Personalizing your advertisement makes your startup more relevant. Are you aware that about 56 % of American startups lack the right technology to create personalized advertisements?

The good news is that affordable mobile billboard advertising is an excellent way of making customized advertisements to improve your business’s customer bounce rate.

To increase your local advertising and bring more sales check out Murmur Cars , mobile billboard advertising solution.

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