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Marketing strategies for startup | Billboard advertising for Startup growth.

As a new startup founder, you are properly a novice in the content marketing game, there are several startup marketing strategies your startup must embrace and execute to stand out among your competitors.

Remember, the type of marketing strategies you choose must prove to be successful and feasible for your team to execute at the set budget. Besides, it must also help your new business achieve positive results to increase your brand awareness, leads, and customers for your startup business.

Startup Marketing Strategy

  1. Use of SMART goals to emphasize the key-business goals upfront.
  2. Come up with an all-inclusive document that distinguishes who are your target customers.
  3. Have a perfect and persuasive messaging plan.
  4. Generate leads through an ideal marketing strategy.

Let’s explore some of the most helpful startup growth hacking examples in modern society that will quickly help your startup achieve the above marketing goals.

Using paid ads to create a community.

Content marketers can help your startup reach a large audience since they have a better chance to target a specific audience on several social media platforms. For instance, part of their marketing campaign will involve the use of LinkedIn Ads to establish a community of audience and also provide useful information; you can upload free offers using hashtags such as #EasyTech or etc.

Use social media to connect to potential customers.

One of the main advantages of social media marketing is that it doesn’t necessarily involve spending a lot of money to grow and connect with your existing and new audience. For instance, creating a free Facebook page or Twitter handle and optimizing it such that customers and leads can easily find it.

Happy customers will begin giving positive reviews and recommendations about your products and services, praising your business’s dedication to customer demands. After that, you will start posting business videos and posts such as your unique manufacturing process, webinars, and website content, among other posts.

Your startup social media page should offer helpful information and also encourage audience participation. This is a free strategy to drive massive traffic into your website, highlight your startup credibility, and expand your industry reach.

Use user-generated data to market your startup.

Typically, most startups don’t have considerable revenues to fund big social media campaigns. For instance, a travel agency marketing team can have their business page comprising of clients enjoying various destinations after booking their travel services via that business page.

Customers can post their fantastic travel photos on their Intergraph, and once they tag the business page, they get a chance to feature on the page, which will increase the startup expose.

Offer a trial or free version of your services or products during the initial day.

Offering a free/ trial version of your products is one of the most effective marketing strategies for a startup. You let customers taste the version of your products before they can upgrade or buy. Once people realize your products are outstanding, they will find a reason to buy your products.

Use of Billboards for advertising.

The use of billboards is one of the most unexploited marketing strategies in the US, even though it offers huge advertising benefits. It is a type of marketing strategy that involves large billboards positioned at a strategic location to display your company information and the services and products you offer.

Using a billboard exposes your startup company to thousands or even millions of viewers, and the content displayed will create interest in them hence becoming potential clients.

Besides, the advertising companies use eye-catching content, hence attracting more people to view what is being advertised, hence offering an excellent marketing opportunity.
For instance, Duckduckgo specializes in billboard advertisements for a startup at an affordable cost and has been used as a growth channel by most thriving startups today. The cost of establishing a billboard depends on various factors such as circulation, demographics, impressions, and format.

A typical physical billboard will cost from $ 800 to 1550 per month in a rural location and $ 1500 to over $ 2000 in midsize cities.
The good news is that mobile billboard advertising is relatively cheaper than traditional billboard advertising. It is the main reason why many startups prefer the former over the later billboard advertisement.

Murmur is the company which helps startups to put their brand message in front of people on streets via mobile billboard display.

Murmur is like Facebook Ad Platform for street advertising. Advertisers pickup audience, location, budget and launches ad campaign. Company uses patent-pending technology which tell to advertisers exactly how many people saw ads, geo-location and tracks conversion and provides data which you can integrate with Segment and create Facebook, Google Ads dynamically.

How to successfully advertise on billboards. 1. Identify your target audience.

The first thing you should think about even before designing your startup billboard is the audience you are targeting to consume your goodies since they are the ones who will be reading/seeing your advertisement. Try to figure out their response to the advertisement. The billboard should generate a positive reaction.

2. Avoid displaying boring content/ advertisements.

No matter how helpful the content could be, people will automatically ignore dull advertisements. An ideal billboard should display creative content that creates a vivid imagination in the viewer’s mind. For instance, how does it feel to use a product or service from a startup business? There should be an instant call to action in your billboard display, such as encouraging people to learn more about products and services.

3. Write clear and short messages.

Your billboard should display short messages rather than long messages that cover the entire space. The message should be precise and straightforward that anyone can see what is being displayed. Remember, most of those viewing the billboards are in vehicles, which means it takes a short duration to see the advertisement.

To amplify brand awareness and increase the customer trust check out Murmur omni-channel advertising solution.

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