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Murmur is launching Billboard Ad Design A/B Testing.

Online platforms have long benefited from the A/B testing options that generate consumer behavior insights – and the profits that come with them. Despite the imperfections, A/B research has proved to be a useful tool for website design, ad campaigns, mobile app conversion and other e-commerce applications tied to ROI.

Billboard advertisers never had proper tools to measure outdoor ad campaign impacts and ad creativity.

While billboards might seem like an archaic medium, their constraints will actually force you to buckle down and think deeply about the message you’re delivering. To send a message that sticks, you have to take a much more careful, scientific approach, tapping into consumer psychology and nailing down your brand’s voice. The result will not only make for a killer billboard, but will trickle down to affect all facets of your advertising.

A data driven analysis on how to optimize your design for more impactful billboards.

Murmur is #1 and leading data driven analytics platform which helps advertisers better understand their target audiences and billboard design which drives more impacts.
Murmurs patent pending technology allows to measure and analyze OOH in real-time.

By using Murmur advertisers can analyze display ad viewers gender, age, geo-location, device id, device type, viewers interest, dwell time and many more.

How to create A/B testing campaign via Murmur?

1-Create different designs of your outdoor Ad creativity.
1a-Make your message memorable.
2a- Contrast colors.

Create one or more ad variants, give equal weight, so Murmur can show all variants equally.
Since you launch campaign your A/B testing will be available as soon as in next 2-3 hours.
But for the better result we recommend to run at lest a week.

Murmur will show you performance of each ad variant based on viewers gender, age, geo-location, time of the day, day of the week, weather conditions, device type, engagements.

At Murmur we define engagements as views, and can measure how long person looks at your ad. Same like Youtube does for digital, Murmur does for OOH Media.

Now once Murmur AI learned all data , it will segment your audience based on gender, age, geo-location, time, day of the week. Murmur will start showing the best performing ad based on audience segments.

With Murmur advertisers know exactly what drives impact, sales rather than guessing.

Once you received your Murmur A/B testing report, can run the same ad creativity across all types of OOH media assets.

Create Outdoor Advertising Campaign A/B Testing with Murmur.

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