The Magnetic Nature of Chatbots: Learn how to drive sales and customer service in 5 minutes!

In recent years, digital transformations have fueled the customer support space. Many businesses pivot at a moment’s notice to meet customer needs and implement new technologies that empower their agents to do more for their customers. This is exactly what AI chatbots can do for support companies.

Today, in our blog post, we shall focus on what are AI chatbots and how beneficial it is nowadays and in the years ahead.

First of all, let’s find out what are AI chatbots

What is Conversational AI?

  • According to IBM, an AI chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer questions and automate responses to them, simulating human conversation.

Companies use automated chatbots

  1. To recognize and understand voice and text messages
  2. Understand their intent and sentiment of them to make sure that they get answered as accurately as possible.

 And now, we can talk about the benefits of using AI chatbots for your own company

1. Automated chatbots decrease the Customer Service Cost

Overall, the customer support system is viewed as a cost center and nothing else. It costs a lot of money to train agents and then have them answer tickets all day long in queues that get longer and longer.

But how AI chatbots can help you with it?

  • By implementing AI, support organizations can automate most parts of the company’s tasks.

For example, customers are repeatedly sending in support tickets asking for order status or asking to reset a password. By automating that process via automated chatbots, customers automatically get the answers they need and reduce the cost of customer service.

At the end of the day, customers will meet their own needs, and there won’t be any need to be any agent interaction. So if an agent is not having to respond to a ticket then your company has successfully reduced the cost of answering a customer support question. 

 2. AI chatbots Increase Customer Satisfaction

Due to the huge role of Customer Satisfaction in the business world, it is important to know how to use innovative tools to make it better. By using the right technology that improves the ability of customers to find solutions, companies can greatly impact customer satisfaction.

Murmur’s team suggests using automated chatbots to gain data that help with handoffs by relaying the learned information and reducing friction in these interactions. 

3. AI Chatbots Mean Contactless Customer Service

Especially in the post-pandemic world, customers are seeking contactless customer service.

  • Automated chatbots can help provide these contactless interactions and help improve many different support metrics, whether it’s online or phone interactions, curbside pick up, or a delivery

By utilizing AI chatbots in your company, you know that AI already made a smooth conversation with the customers and business employees, helping improve customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, and employee satisfaction as well.

4. Boost Customer Experience with AI-generated Text Messages

AI is a key brand differentiator when it comes to customer support. By using AI Chatbots, businesses can level up their customer engagement to the next level. 

  • Automated chatbots can make the conversation between the company and the clients more interactive, interesting, and informative.

The Murmur team suggests using the following tips to structure the correct text system.

  1. Personal touch to conversations- Chatbots are smart enough to analyze responses based on the customer details and history and thus, can give engage at a personal level and drive conversations. 
  2. Real-time response – Companies can use bots to deliver fast, real-time responses to customers and avoid losing them to competitors. 
  3. One-on-one responses – Customers expect immediate one-on-one responses and you can use a chatbot to meet that goal and enhance their experience with your brand.   

5. Automated Chatbots improve Lead Generation

Bots are quite advanced and effective at engaging customers with personalized messaging throughout their journey. 

  • For example, a real estate company can implement a going chatbot onto property portals to help its customers with an easy way to reach out. Murmur team suggest creating two different contact forms, one each for rental requests and arranging a viewing, and went on to generate 300 new leads in just three months.  

Check out the extra tips to use for generating leads via AI chatbots:

  • Scale up lead qualification – Bots qualify leads by asking relevant questions and directing them to the sales team for immediate sales conversion. For instance, a chatbot template for appointment booking can help schedule an appointment if the team is busy/unavailable. 
  • Better lead nurturing – The qualified leads are nurtured thereafter based on their customer journey. For e.g. in an e-commerce business, a chatbot engages the customers by giving personalized recommendations, combo offers, or discount coupons to improve sales conversions.

6. AI chatbots Monitor Consumer Data to Gain Insights

By using automated chatbots, companies can track purchasing patterns and analyze consumer behaviors by monitoring user data. With this data, staff can smartly differentiate products in the market and expand their reach. 

  • For example, the makeup brand can implement a chatbot in partnership with a specific messaging application. It will give customers an opportunity to use the chatbot to ask for makeup recommendations or request product reviews and get relevant products or videos.  Both will lead to tractions and generate leads.

Moreover, AI chatbots can be used to:

  • Create customer profiles – The company can use chatbots to collect customer information like name, contact details, etc., and create a customer profile. 
  • Send push notifications – The use of bots can prove helpful in keeping existing customers engaged through regular and timely push notifications.  
  • Navigate customers to relevant content – Brands that use AI-powered bots are able to provide customers with product details and also suggest relevant content. 

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