Top marketing ideas to skyrocket taxi business in 2023

It is a well-known fact that the success or failure of taxi business depends heavily on the client base of it. No matter how good the service your taxi business has, if no one knows about it or deciding to spend money on it, then there’s a 99% of chance that the company go out of business sooner than later.

But, we say ‘No’ to the early assumptions and get ready to help you to grow your taxi business in the area.

If you are eager to start a taxi business that will grow to be a success, it is a must to have marketing strategy for taxi services at your fingertips. In this case, you should make sure that your taxi business uses the marketing strategies outside the box.

In this week’s blog post, Murmur team will help to grow taxi business by providing you with the top marketing ideas to skyrocket your company in 2023.

Let’s start with itsy-bitsy marketing tricks for your taxi business

1.Mind the Licensing Policy

Make sure that your taxi business properly complies with all laws concerning marketing and licensing of taxis in your area.

But you may ask, why it is important in marketing strategy for taxi services? Pretty simple

Your potential clients will feel very doubtful of an unlicensed taxi because a lot of undesirable things can happen to them.

2.Choose the right locality for your Taxi Business

The next crucial step in how to grow taxi business is the locality, in which the company intends to operate in.

  • The location for your taxi services directly effects  the marketing strategy for taxi services

For example, if you live in large urban areas like NYC, where taxis are common vehicles, the need in marketing strategy will be minimal- as just driving up and down the busy streets where taxis are always needed could be enough to get your taxi business more clients than you can even imagine.

But, it’s highly unlikely to get successful with the taxi business, if you’re using a simple plan for catching customers. So, here are the top marketing ideas for your taxi business.

3.Make Your Taxi Business Exclusive

Murmur team suggest taxi business to partner with some hotels, restaurants, bars and other popular locations in your city to set up “exclusives” options with particular operators in order to guarantee that  they will have transportation quickly whenever they need it.

This marketing strategy for taxi services will lead to a constant flow of orders to your taxi business

4.Promotion Via Social Media

Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram give your taxi business the ability to create communities, which is a significant bonus since your customers are probably already have accounts in these social media channels.

By creating a business page for your taxi business, you’ll automatically boost your company’s awareness and get customers.

Murmur team highly recommends constantly update social media page of your company and add relevant, informative and entertaining content. In order to grow your taxi services , you can use the following creative ideas for taxi business ,such as displaying some appeals to your new customers, promo codes, viral videos, contests, and etc.

5.Automate booking system

In addition to using the internet to advertise taxi business, the companies should also make sure that one of the marketing strategy for taxi services, should be a web page with your contact (phone number, address) which will have an option to make an online booking.

6.Work on your PR Strategy and Media

As your taxi business is a new competitor to the market, it is crucial to make your company recognizable by reaching an even wider audience and eventually converting them to your clients.

The main focus for you in the initial stage should PR in local media.

It is necessary to share your story through local publications. Many media outlets often publish for free, as they looking for local news, especially if your company is succeeding.

7.Consider Local Restaurants and Cafes as Your Marketing Friend

Most of the time, when a taxi needed, is when people need a taxi is after they have been drinking or urgently need to get to their destination after a dinner night.

Murmur team suggests the owners of the taxi business to talk to local cafes and restaurants owners and see if you can make a deal with them to advertise your services. This specific tactic in how to grow taxi business will help you to make your company a loyal service for the potential customers, as well as to these cafes and restaurants.

  • Tip to use: Give the owners of the locations your card and perhaps offer a special promotion to customers or a commission to the cafes owner if they will call your taxi company first when someone needs a taxi trip home

Important to notice that before you doing it, make sure this is permitted action based on the rules for taxis and taxi drivers where you live).

8.Senior citizens should be on your list of targeted customers

You should be creative when thinking about people who might use your taxi services. For example, senior citizens who are no longer able to drive might need a taxi too.

As the proportion of social media users among senior citizens is 50/50, taxi business can also use a traditional way of marketing strategy for taxi services, such as putting the booklets about your services on the doors of the citizens.

9.Cargo Service Can Level Up Your Taxi Company

As your taxi business is new to the market, you can differentiate yourself by providing service of carrying cargo from point to point.

Murmur team recommends to expand the scope of targeted customers and add to it new set of customers i.e. business customers. For example, if, local businesses also use taxis to deliver goods to other local businesses, then your taxi company can be the first choice for them.

10.Referall and Reward Program Matters

So ,you’re new to taxi business and taking into consideration that your competitor are giants of this niche and almost occupied it, there’s nothing better than to use  marketing strategy for taxi services in promoting the reward program.

  • The more people decide to use the services of your taxi company, the more free services and discounts they will enjoy.

The reward itself should be

  1. Large enough to trigger their interest and make them take action.
  2. Feasible enough to make the process of using your taxi services worth it (For example, free meals, free rides after being a loyal customer of this company for a specific amount of time)

It’s a win-win strategy that will always work. Additionally, it will attract hundreds of new clients to your database that will make your taxi business incredibly valuable.

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