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Volkswagen dealerships in Chicago use Murmur to increase sales.

Dealership marketing can become very challenging unless having real-time audience data and knowing how to target them where it most matters.

Most dealerships like Volkswagen pay for leads to Cargurus, and etc to acquire customers.
Car dealers use various marketing strategies to target people. Almost all dealers spent an enormous amount of money to advertise their inventory.

At Murmur we spoke with a local Volkswagen dealership on their marketing strategy and how they do advertising.
Their monthly advertising budget is $80K and mostly they spent a lot on, CarGurus, Google Ads, Facebook Ads.

After discussing with the dealership marketing team we learned that they do not own any valuable data and marketing data that they have not actual to their marketing strategies.

dealership marketing strategy

Analyzing marketing data we found that the ideal customer to buy a new Volkswagen car will be the person who already owns an old Volkswagen car.
It is 2x cheaper to acquire such a person than a person who does not own a Volkswagen car.

The dealership marketing team by using the Murmur customer data platform can see in real-time how many Volkswagen cars are driving nearby dealerships, car owners’ demographics.
The marketer can see drivers’ age, gender, geo-location, mobile device id and create a Murmur advertising strategy.

Murmur advertising strategy for the dealership.

Once the dealership team has real-time data they will create Murmur Outdoor Ads.

We develop the following scenario for the dealership.

For example, the dealership wants to increase sales of Volkswagen Getta 2020, and every time where Murmur cars will pass by Volkswagen Getta 2015, staples will show to drivers Ad:- “Upgrade your Getta to 2020, $0 Downpayment, $500 monthly”.

Murmur allows marketing teams to target people in real-time where it most matters to them which increases foot traffic and sales.

This is the main reason why Volkswagen dealerships chose Murmur to advertise and target potential customers in real-time and increase monthly auto sales.

By using Murmur dealerships increase sales on average by 22% monthly.

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