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Location-Based Marketing via Murmur [Ultimate Guide]

Statistics show that the best performing and cheapest ads are location-based, which target people based on the area where they live, work and etc.
Most marketers while creating ads are focused on demographics and location or demographics and interest.
The study shows that ads perform better once marketers combine demographics, location, interest, and behavior in one ad.
The beauty of location-based marketing is that it combines all those criteria in one ad and advertisers get the best performing ads.

What is Location-Based Marketing (LBM)?

According to www.marketingevolution.com – ” Location-based marketing allows organizations to target consumers at a granular, personal level with online or offline messaging based on their physical location. Using location data, marketing teams are able to reach consumers based on qualifiers like proximity to a store, events happening in their region, and more A common way to use location data is through geofencing or geotargeting.
For example, if people visit a real estate office, in the future that office could target promotion to those users when they’re in the area to encourage them to come in and buy a home, or list their home for sale.”

The downside of online (digital) location-based marketing is that triggered only by geofencing, not by demographics, behavior, interest. But it is still more efficient than running generalized social media ads.

What is the Importance of Location-Based Marketing?

According to statistics 83% of marketers claim that run successful campaigns when they use location data.
Most current geofencing platforms are working with 3rd party GPS platforms got collect location coordinates and serve location-based ads.

There are several types of location-based marketing you can use to reach your audience.

One of the simplest ways to get started is with IP address marketing. Every computer or device connected to the Internet has an IP (internet protocol) address. IP address marketing lets you use that location information to target your marketing.

Then there’s GPS marketing. Practically every modern mobile device uses GPS location technology. This determines location based on distance from a network of global positioning satellites. GPS marketing lets you target promotions based on this location information.

Slightly more complex, geofencing marketing involves setting up a virtual location or radius so that you can market to people within that area. Related to that, proximity marketing lets you target advertising and marketing campaigns to people who are within range of a geofence you have previously set up.

Beacon marketing or beacon advertising allows you to use physical devices called beacons within the premises of a business to target marketing to people who are within range of that beacon.

source: https://www.groundtruth.com/insight/location-based-marketing-101/

Location-based or geofencing marketing is linked to geo-coordinates and does not allow marketers to personalize ads based on gender, age, behavior, interest, device type, and more.

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Murmur innovates location-based marketing by triggering personalized ads.

Murmur uses the latest neuro-marketing tactics to combine real-time demographics, behavior, location data to personalize ads. The technology uses 1st party street-level data to measure audiences by using proprietary AI algorithms and show ads that most align with audiences’ age, gender, behavior, location, time of the day, weather, mobile device type.

Statistics show that audiences notice and look at Murmur ads 4x times more than any other type of location-based ad. The number of reasons is that how Murmur personalizes ads.

Example of Fuze Ice Tea:

Murmur was showing outdoor Fuze Ads combined weather conditions, location, feelings of young people to drive more Ice tea sales.

Murmur screens were identifying peoples age, gender and were showing ads- “Today it is 35 degrees outside, feel

thirsty, drink Fuze Ice tea, Closest store 100 meters away.”

Based on target gender, on outdoor ads, Murmur was showing females or males drinking Fuze Ice Tea.

Why Murmur is the best solution to run Location-based campaigns?

1-Technology combines location, demographics, behavior real-time data

2-Technology personalizes ads based on audiences, location, weather condition, time of the day.

3- Technology provides real-time campaign performance reports and analytics.

4- Neuro-marketing-based AI ad distribution to run the most successful campaigns.

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