Murmur’s Series: How much the billboard advertising costs in Baku

Today’s topic will be dedicated to the costs of the billboard advertising in Baku, Azerbaijan. But before diving into the topic, it is necessary to give the brief information about the general costs of billboard advertising around the world. The main factors that affect the billboard ads’ costs are the following: a) Location: It is important to take into consideration where you’ll be putting your ad: in the city centre, where the cost will be higher, at the remote place where the prices will lower. For example: Sunset Boulevard (LA, California) ranges from $15,000 to $35,000 due to the population density and real estate value of the area itself b)Demographic: this factor includes the age, gender and income level of the people who are passing the billboards every day. For example, if you’re targeting the people with the higher income level, then automatically your billboards will be put at those places where people with such income live c) Duration: While you’re putting the billboard ad, it is also necessary to take into consideration the length of time a billboard is set to appear. For example: the billboard advertising duration can last a 4 week period to several months d) Impressions: It is one of the most important factors that affect the costs of the billboard advertising. For example: Billboard companies typically rent spaces by cost per mile (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. Additionally, a small billboard which is located at the less-populated area and on a dirt road will automatically receive less impression by the people, than the ad of a larger size on a major highway. So, the higher number of impressions, the higher the cost of the billboard ad e) Labor/cost of design and production: It is not only the rental costs that affect the prices for the billboard advertising, but also the design and production of it, on average production costs can vary from $250-$750.In this case, it is necessary to take into consideration the material the billboard is printed on, for example digital ads are more expensive, than classic vinyl billboards. And finally it is important to take into consideration f) the installation process, mostly the installation costs depend on square foot. For example: the larger the size of the billboard, more expensive the installation will be.

  And now you have all the basic information about the factors that can affect the costs of the billboard advertising, and right now let’s talk about how we can measure the effectiveness of your billboard advertising. Among them are, DEC:-Daily Effective Circulation-number of vehicles and pedestrians that pass a billboard per day (number Adults (18+ yrs.) multiplied by the effective illumination rate of the display or billboard multiplied by the average passengers in a car or other vehicle), OTC:-Opportunity to Contact (how many people could walk past and see your outdoor advert), VAC:-Visually Adjusted Contact-(the number of people who will look at a given poster on a site at least once)

   As you can see there is enough work to do in order to advertise the billboard correctly. Our company Murmur is the data driven advertising platform that provides services of street navigating and connecting possible customers to the companies. By using its services, such as filtering demographics, daily activity of the audience, interests of the audience and the audience’s behavior you will be able to receive all the necessary data that is calculated via global data providers in partnership, additionally you will be able to see what is happening with your ad (real time data) via Murmur’s live map.

 In conclusion, we would like to present you the information about the local prices for the billboard advertising in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The prices of billboard advertising in Baku,Azerbaijan

Size: 1,8m x 1,2m
Price: 200 AZN
Size: 6m x 3m
Price: 400 AZN
Size: 4m x 3m
Price: 500 AZN
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