The focus of the Week: Advertising Fragrance Brand in the Digital World. Is It Worth It?

We all use fragrances to smell and feel good. Perfumes have evolved into everyday personal care items that play an important role in personal grooming. A very good smell can lead to confidence. On the other hand, it all depends on an individual’s choice of which fragrance brand they prefer.

One of the reasons for the fast-growing fragrance industry is – urbanization. Combined with rising living standards among developing countries is the reason why this industry is rising. Furthermore, the growing demand for exotic and floral scents, especially among young and adolescent customers, is expected to continue to be a positive factor for the industry.

So, in today’s blog post, we shall analyze the benefits of digital marketing for fragrance brands and how Murmur can help newly established and well-renowned fragrance brands advertise their products.

Among the benefits of digital advertising of fragrance brands are the followings:

Digital Advertising Makes Potential Customers Feel Your Scent

By using digital marketing, you have the power to understand your customers and create ads in a way that makes you stay in their minds. Digital advertising is one step towards the success of your fragrance luxury brand. By using Murmur’s LCD backpacks you will reach thousands of potential clients in the most innovative way.

The Role Of Influencers Is Crucial

It became obvious that influencers are great advocators for brands. People love following their favorite influencers and mostly purchase what is recommended by them. Instagram is a fantastic place to indulge in your passion for fragrance. Identifying influencers who already love your product is an essential first step in any Influencer ad campaign. In this specific niche, you can use Murmur’s Hype IQ platform. By simply filling up the one-page form, your product will be introduced to the hundreds of influencers in the market, while our team will be digitally advertising it all around the internet.

Targeting of Potential Audience Matters

The company’s advertising campaign might not give it the desired results if it fails to target its ideal audience. Luxury fragrances are the choice of a few. So, brands should not forget to define their audience. Via the MurmurAds platform, brands can monitor live results from their out-of-home ad campaigns and receive the statistics by the end of each week.

Showcasing Of The Product Is A Must

Who does not like catchy and attractive advertising that aligns with the needs of people? So, a great way to do it is by showcasing your luxury fragrance brand and its popularity in the market. Brands should explain all about your luxury fragrance and how it is above all others. By placing branded ads on Murmur’s Table Top Screens, they will be able to attract hundreds of potential customers visiting cafes, restaurants, and bars. Also, via our table tops screens brands can display offers and discounts.

The Creativity Of The Ads Is an Important Part

Potential customers like ads that are creative and entertaining. Attractive ads always pull target customers to take action and buy the perfume that suits their needs. So, it is crucial for the brand to create ads that make its fragrance brand lively and aromatic.

Marketing Strategy Needs To Be Unique

Once, the brand finishes the market research, it can move ahead to the strategies section. Here, they decide on their target audience and create strategies to impress them. By using Murmur, brands should be 100% sure that their strategy will as innovative, attractive, and creative as possible. Our recent partnerships with huge brands, such as P&G, showed how Murmur can mix emotion for ads with a tinge of creativity, and analytical thinking.

Make your fragrance ad memorable, innovative, and creative via Murmur

About Murmur Table Top Screens

 As mentioned above Murmur Table Top Displays can show the menu via QR code, charge the phone, as well as show various ads. Additionally, our displays can be used for loyalty purposes, if the restaurant’s customers have bonus cards.

 Also soon Murmur Table Top Screens will be able to function with a button that informs the waiters to take the order without customers waiting and calling for them.

 The pandemic turns people to be more health-conscious. So, in order to avoid having physical contact with anyone outside their households as much as possible, our screens soon have a scan function for the QR code to settle customers’ payments.

About the Hype IQ

Hype IQ – is a platform focused on creating a buzz around the product or service the clients provide. The concept of the platform consists of the following steps:

1. Clients confirm the plan by indicating general information about their marketing


2. Murmur’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system uses the most modern marketing

tactics for the quick buzzing effect around the brand

About Murmur’s Advertising Tools:

A carefully chosen marketing strategy is all you need. That’s why to start to advertise your tv show or online content by using Murmur’s innovative tools. Your ad will not only be displayed on the billboards, but potential customers will also be able to see it on the LCD backpacks, holograms, tabletop screens, delivery bags, and car-tops all around the city. Moreover, by using our Street IQ Platform, your customers can create the ad, try its different variations and see what works best for you. Also, HypeIQ will help to find the most suitable professionals for the digital promotion of your brand.

Change your approach to advertising with Murmur.

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